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Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, A Great PK in Technology Brand

Date:2016-6-13 16:52:03 Source: Author:互联网


      Coincided with the Dragon Boat Festival on June, 9th,2016, all partners could have a nice vacation. But for the LED industry company, It’s not easy because Guangzhou Intrnational Lighting Fair is being held.

      As we all know, all the exhibitors and visitors can be found in the Guangzhou Lighting Fair at first time and learned the leading dynamic, market trends, direction of the latest technology products, and also the development gap at home and abroad. So does Leyond. We has been committed to through the exhibition platform, continuously improve enterprise brand influence, to further expand sales channels, In order to promote the development of Chinese LED industry all the time, in the years of unremitting efforts. Today, Compared to the homogeneity of the lighting products with the past , this year's fair showed our own patented product design, and product characteristics.

      Perennially focus on research and development of LED components, there is a profound strength in the LED industry Everlight electronics. In this exhibition, we mainly focusing on showing LED High Bay Light, LED Low bay Light, LED Street Light, LED Modular Light, LED Linear Light series as well as its new product technology.

The more eye-catching from Leyond’s lighting Innovation

        Leyondlight company show its latest lighting products in a new horizon whichattracted a lot of attention and appreciation from the peer of led industries. 

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