RGB LED Flood Module

·LED is cold light sources, a wide range of output color, RGB LED as a light source ,can be widely used in various building walls of light color decoration, and the stage, meeting rooms, display lights, ancient buildings, the Cultural Plaza and other places.

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·Adoption LEYOND exclusive Lens with light transmittance up to 98%.

·Perfect Light Distribution Solution:Adoption of integrated shell optic lens, enhance the brightness and illumination uniformity.

·There are 25°,60°, 90° beam angle options for the Lens.

·Standard DMX512 input interface and a built-mode controller , can be realized in whole or segmented light change control, especially, it can achieve water and complicated effects.

·Master or Slave function, if set master, it can stead of the external controller.

· Reliable 350mA constant current driver designed to ensure high-power LED lights for a stable job.

·Superior ability to adapt to the environment, protection grade IP65, can adapt to a variety of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environment. The lamp base is aluminum alloy, solid ,anti-aging, anti-variant, long service life.

·more than 16777 thousand kinds of colors can be realized output, with good light efficiency, beautiful color and so on.

·Impact Resistance, Shockproof, Without Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) Radiation: No filament and glass frames, avoid break of the traditional lamp,without harm to the human body.



      Operation and Storage Condition

· Operation Ambient Temperature -40 to +50°C, Relative Humidity 20~90%

· Storage Ambient Temperature -40 to +60°C, Relative Humidity 5~95%

· Mounting Height : Suitable for 5~20m height

      Assembly and Installation

·Black Line : V+/ R+G+B

·Green Line: V-/ G                                                                

·Red Line : V-/R

·Yellow Green Line: V-/B


      Inner Carton = 2 Set Weight:1.3KG

      Outer Carton= 40 Set Weight:27.0KG

      Inner Carton Size : 306mm X 83mm X67mm

      Outer Carton Size : 365mm X 322mm X 354mm