100W 3030 Spiderman LED Street Light

Suitable for the street lighting at highways, urban roads and secondary roads, stadiums, sidewalks, residential areas, industrial areas, squares, parks, schools, villas, gardens and other places.

Color : Black|Grey
Product Code : LY-ST42100XX
Brand : Leyond

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• Performance Parameters



Input Voltage

Beam Angle

Luminous Efficiency


Produce Size

IP Rating

Net Weight











• Operation and Storage Condition 

·Operation Ambient Temperature -30 to +50°C, Relative Humidity 20~90%

·Input Voltage 90~305V AC, 50/60Hz 

·Storage Ambient Temperature -30 to +60°C, Relative Humidity 5~95%

·Mounting Height : Suitable for 6~15m height

• Package

Inner box Size: 670mm×370mm×100mm 

Outer box Size: 690mm×385mm×240mm     (2 PCS LED Street Light)


Suitable for the highways,urban roads and secondary roads,stadiums,sidewalks,residential areas,industrial areas,squares,parks,schools,villas,gardens and other places.详情导航栏-2.jpg

• High quality power supply,input voltage 100-240V.The power efficiency is more than 88%, power factor>0.98,UL certification.

• Adopting Lepower LED light sources and ZAG lens technology, 8% light efficiency higher than the same type lights in the market, with higher light transmittance up to 98%.

• Duct type thermal design, reduce the weight of the light and ensure good heat dissipation, lower luminous decay, and also extend life span of the leds. Adopting the popular CHEM modular design, effectively reduce the following maintenancecose.

• Low energy consumption, matching high efficiency constant-current driver, 60% energy saving; with good resistance to over-current,over-voltage, lightning, high temperature, which fully ensure long life span and high stability of the products.

• Durable lights with long life spn up to 50000hours; No need replace the lights frequently just make the regular maintenance.

• Green environmental protection, no UV light and infrared radiation, no mercury pollution.

• Nice appearance and non-fouling properties, Protection class IP66.
• Work without strobe, fast transient response; A wide range of working voltage.
• 2pcs 1W chips are packaged in one LED, which ensure high stability and also reduce the 
death rate of the leds.