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150W LED High Bay Light

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·Up to 80% Energy-saving compared to metal halide lamp, mercury-free and 100% recyclable, energy saving and environmental protection

·Isolated internal led driver, easy installation, safety guaranteed

·High PF value 0.9 above and THD less 15% for decrease of electricity loss

·Up to120LM/W high light efficacy, 50000h above lifespan, 5 Years warranty, cost effective

·Power supply key components adopt world brand,No flicker, no delay, Instant on/off

·Designed for hook type, can be directly replaced is used to quick and easy

·installation to minimize retrofit and maintenance costs

·Small size, less weight and durable is the best choice for warehouses, stadiums, exhibition spaces, high ceiling lights.

·Using imported chip, LED encapsulation structure optimization, to achieve low light failure, high photosynthetic efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection advantages.

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