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150W Low Bay Light I

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150W Low Bay Light

Important Warranty Information

The LED Low Bay has a 3 year warranty, which can be extended free of charge to 5 years by registering online via the website address below. The registrant must provide the product part number and date of manufacture, which can be found on the label attached to the luminaire housing. 


·High power ,high brightness,high quality,high efficiency,up to 80% energy saving.

·Light cover adpots light diffusion materials to bring us better lighting effect.high illumination, and the mliky cover can reach 90% light transmittance.

·With low light degradation LED and good heat dissipation aluminum material with quick heat conduction.Make the LED  lights have longer lifetime.10 times than the traditional ones.They need low cost in maintenance.so,they are fit for the lighting place where is hard to replace the broken lights often.

·High luminous efficiency, Whole lamp output light effiency >100LM/W.

·High quality power supply, input voltage 100-240V. The power efficiency is more than 90%, power factor greater than 0.98, UL compulsory certification.

·For the traditional light source such as the High Pressure Sodium, if the voltage fluctuation ±7%, the brightness and lifetime will be reduced very fast, but for BBE LED, even the voltage fluctuation is ±20%, the brightness and lifetime will not be influenced at all;Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Heat, Thunder Protection.

·Impact Resistance, Shock-proof, Without Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) Radiation: No filament and glass frames, avoid break of the traditional lamp,without harm to the human body.

·The CCT of Warm white、Neutral white、Pure white to meet the needs of different occasions, eliminated the low color temperature of the sodium lamp which cause the depressed mood, observers will feel more comfortable.


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