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Solar Controller

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Solar Controller

1.Easy maintainess.

         No need to climb up the pole anymore if any damage on LED driver.  We intergrated this function into solar controller. Just do the maintainess and setting by opening the door at the bottom of the pole. 

2. Water-prove

         Reach IP67. No need to worry about long time raining , water get into poles or high moisture damage the PCB board.

3.Good heat dissipation

         Digital products always burned out due to over-heat problem. We use good heat sink, high-class electronic elements, special PCB design to settle this problem. Make it longer lifespan to save it daily cost.

4. Wide working range from -40~ 60 

         We did teamperature test for each electronic elements to make sure it will woring at any climate and weather in most of the world.

5.Smart over heat protection

         If there's any over heat happened, it will protect itself by lower the current. If the problem last, the controller will shut down automaticly and resume next day.

6.Free of electrolytic capacitor design

        Tranditional electrolytic capacitor can't survive under high temperature for long time. Free of electrolytic capacitor makes product long lifespan.

7. Infared connection for parameter setting and information collecting on PC via remote

8.Trickle charge protection for battery 

9. Wide voltage output for the lamps 

        12 system: 15V-60V self-adapted; 24V system: 30V-60V adapted 

10. 3 sections time setting and wide current setting (dimming function)

         Lighting time can be devided into 3 sections at night with time setting ranged from 10-990mins and output current setting ranged from 150–4000mA in each section. It can lower the output current or shut it off in the second section at mid-night. This function make the whole system tailored to customer's desire and save the cost of solar panel and batteries.

11. Under-voltage protection/exit protection setting 

        Under-voltage and exit under-voltage protection have been set and could not be adjusted in most conventional controllers. But in many practical cases, a higher under-voltage point is required in small power load while a lower under-voltage point is required at bigger power load. This intelligent controller is easy and convenient to use for setting parameters such like under-voltage protection, exit protection, light illumination etc.

         Besides the above mention protections, this device also: Thunder and lightning protection; battery polarity reversing protection; night reversing discharge protection; open circuit, short circuit, over current, over voltage, over power protection to ensure the device a long-term stable running.

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